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Isotronic Ant shock-62370

Product Code : 62370 Isotronic

Isotronic Ant shock-62370

Product Information


62370 Isotronic


Product Description
                            Isotronic Ant shock-62370

-Ant shock the Umweltschondende driving out of ants with quartz oscillations 

-Also environmentally conscious gate friends can sell now without chemistry disturbing ants. 

-Due to the high-quality Elektronikomponenten this equipment needs only 2 mignon cells, 
with a continous use of 6 months, instead of 4 mono batteries, like the majority of the conventional devices. 

-The operation is very easy: Ant shock into the ground put - completely! Quartz oscillations, 
which are intolerable for ants to impair sent without other Nützlinge, become.

Product Specification
                            Isotronic Ant shock-62370 Specification

Brand: Isotronic
Product Code: 62370

-Housing: Weather and water resistant 

-Frequency range: 300-500 cycles per second 

-Interval: 2 sec. switch-on time, 

-Pausenzeit 10-30 sec. 

-Power switch Voltage supply: 

-2 pieces of Mignon 

-Alkaline batteries or alternatively 2 pieces 
of Mignon Akkus 1.2 V 
(not contained in the scope of supply)

-Actual working time: approx. 6 months, 
thereafter battery changes necessarily 

-Interval: 2 sec.

-Cyclic duration, 10-30 sec.