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Isotronic Ant shock Solar - 60020

Product Code : 60020 Isotronic

Isotronic Ant shock solar-60020

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60020 Isotronic


Product Description
                            Isotronic Ant shock solar - 60020

Ant Shock Solar Combats ants by means of perfect circuitry in combination with the latest solar
technology - absolutely the most environmentally-friendly way. Quartz oscillations generate
reliable vibrations. The finely-tuned circuitry with powerful solar modules ensures constant 
performance even in poor light conditions. 

Technical data: Housing: weatherproof Effective range: approx. 700 m² depending on ground 
composition Frequency range: 300 - 500 Hz automatically controlled Operation: On / Off switch 
Voltage supply: amorphous silicon Voltage reserve: approx. 7 days in darkness Readiness for
operation: immediate operational and charging functions even in the case of low incidence of 
light. Interval: 2 sec switch-on period, 10 - 30 sec pause

Product Specification
                            Isotronic Ant shock solar - 60020

Brand: Isotronic
Code: 60020

                             Isotronic Ant shock solar - 60020

Qty. 1 x Isotronic Ant shock solar